Conspiracy Awaits!

Argentine artist Valgorth participates in this year's premiere of the Vortex Art Exhibition, organized by the Portuguese Black Metal Emperors, GAEREA, in the "THE FIFTH SUPPER" Event where we will all feast from the depths of the earth. This is the official 5 year anniversary of the Vortex Society that marks the Band’s ascendancy in the bleak and blackened skies of music and art.

In conspiracy with GAEREA, Valgorth will exhibit unique, never-before-seen, works of art from the period of surrealism and modern art. The series of paintings on display represent a fusion of forms that explore abstract symbolism, the human emptiness, and the nihilism inherent in the subconscious; a reflective disintegration of reality evoking the will of existence.

Brace yourselves for an event like nothing you have ever witnessed in your lives before. You have been warned.

This event takes place at HARD CLUB in Porto, Portugal on November 12th

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5 Astonishing Years of Cathartic Soundscapes and onwards to a bleaker future! Join GAEREA to celebrate the very birth of the Vortex Society on a TWO HOUR SETLIST where the band go through all GAEREA releases and many more! Presenting you the most ambitious performance to date, THE FIFTH SUPPER EVENT!

The official Schedule for The Fifth Supper

8:00pm - Vortex Exhibition Inauguration
8:30pm - Meet n Greet the Artists + Signing Session
8:30pm - Doors and Box Office Open
8:50pm - Obsidian Kingdom Show
10:05pm - GAEREA